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Joint County and City Neighbourhood Watch Conference 2013
NottsWatch and CNNWC agree to amalgamate
Neighbourhood Watch AGM 27th April 2013
Neighbourhood Watch wins prestigious Queen's Award
Joint NW Conference a Great Success
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   County and City Neighbourhood Watch Joint Conference 2013


The joint, annual Conference will be held at County Hall on Saturday, 23rd November 2013 from 10.00 am until 1.15 pm, followed by a light, buffet lunch. More details may be found by clicking poster.

Approval for the Constitution of the newly amalgamated City and County NW organisations will be sought during this event. A copy is available by clicking New Constitution


 The City of Nottingham Neighbourhood Watch Council (CNNWC)

Pending the Conference in November and formalities to register the new, amalgamated organisation "Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood Watch " (NottsWatch for short), CNNWC continues to be represented on the East Midlands Forum of NW associations which in turn is represented at national level  as part of the Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network (NHWN). The latter is also referred to as  Our Watch.
For further information about CNNWC see also: 
                                     CNNWC Objectives and Benefits
                                     CNNWC Constitution
Inquiries are welcomed from any group or individual in the City wishing to know more about CNNWC, soon to be part of the newly amalgamated "Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood Watch". Contact us
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